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Marketing is Dead Real Marketing is Alive


Marketing is DEAD … REAL MARKETING is Alive.

Imagine a bullseye made up of many different options. You throw the dart and hope it lands right in the middle. Each shot can be right on or all over the board. NOW imagine a company that can develop a steady course that will allow your company to hit the BULLS Eye every time. No more chances of being all over the board. Innovation, pushing the envelope, bold statements, passion and professionalism ALL in one. That’s right, that’s our solution. No social media campaigns that bear false hope, no advertising campaigns where the world can’t see you, NO more market research that gives you no real answers, no more celebrity alignments that are forced on them to give their agent a paycheck, and finally no more false promises. VIIVIIVII is truth, yes honest, whether you want to hear it or not, we deliver the truth. We deliver REAL Marketing, results driven, return on investment and definition to your brand. Our history speaks for itself. Our future is bright, very bright. Your brand is our future.


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Deliverables Guarantee

VIIVIIVII is committed to deliver exactly what we say on our agreements. ALL deliverables that are on your agreement will be delivered every month OR it will be rolled over to the following month. VIIVIIVII will ALWAYS deliver what is promised in writing.


Meet Our Executive Staff

Ken Collis was born and raised in Sunny Southern California. From a young age, Collis knew he wanted to become a successful businessman. Monopoly was his favorite childhood game. Collis graduated from Cal State Northridge with his Bachelors in Business Administration. Through the early part of his business career, he was a partner with Bankcard Processing and proudly helped create Authorize Net. Taking the company public at the young age of 26 was no easy task especially with his partners being more than double his age. It was a learning experience that allowed him to propel into a Business Mogul that is still appreciated in the financial industry today.

Collis remained in the financial industry until 2004. Seeking a change, he then accepted a position with Clear Channel Communications. He quickly rose to the top of the national billing chain, representing some of the largest clients on the books. After much consideration and the recommendations of some of today’s biggest celebrities and industry executives, Ken Collis launched a new wave of marketing and they called it TLK Fusion. After almost 5 successful years and numerous awards, Ken launched a new generation of cost effective PR and Marketing solution called VIIVIIVII (21). Today VIIVIIVII remains a valuable asset to many businesses, both big and small, with a focus on cost efficiency and long-term relationships. Collis has received The Rolling Stone Impact Award, the Golden Bridge Award and Best in Business Awards. Ken Collis is married and has two beautiful children.

Ken Collis CEO

Alfonso Macias was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Growing up, failure was never an option. He knew he wanted to be successful and knew exactly how he was going to get there. Spanning a successful career in the financial industry and generating hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for companies under his care and management, he wanted something more. That’s when Alfonso joined forces with TLK Fusion as their Director of Business Development. He has been the prime mover behind literally hundreds of programs serving some of the world’s leading brands. After extensive success in growing some of todays hottest brands and celebrities from their infancy stage, Alfonso took the executive role of Senior Vice President at VIIVIIVII. He has won an array of awards and recognition including The Best in Biz, Business Development Executive

At VIIVIIVII, Alfonso helps ensure your brand receives superior levels of care and attention VIIVIIVII is famous for, and also ensures your company sees the results you are looking for.He is all about continuous process improvement to enhance client satisfaction and grow customer relationships. Asked about what he does for fun, he’ll tell you, “I like discussing dream interpretation.” Clearly, based on VIIVIIVII’s clients success, he’s pretty good at making them happen, too.

Alfonso is happily married and has 2 dogs he calls his children, Sparky and Fluffy.

Alfonso Macias President




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